Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bill to Help Foster Youth Passes out of Both Houses

AB 665 (Torrico), the California Alliance sponsored bill that will help many foster youth find lifelong permanent connections, passed out of both houses and was sent to the Governor for signature last Thursday.

The bill will ensure that federal Adoption Incentive Funds awarded to California for increasing the number of youth adopted out of foster care are distributed to counties to promote legal permanency outcomes such as adoption, reunification or guardianship for foster youth ages nine or older. These funds are to be used for innovative and collaborative approaches including post adoption services to avert adoption disruptions, family-finding to locate relatives willing to make lifelong connections to youth, recruitment of adoptive parents who will make homes for entire sibling sets, removing barriers to adoption, and other services and supports.

Adoption Incentive Funds cannot be used to supplant existing programs and cannot be used in programs that receive federal matching funds. Directing this money to counties, therefore, creates no fiscal impact on the State General Fund.
CA Alliance

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