Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Porterville Recorder Report on Budget Cuts to Transitional Housing Program

“Everyone needs emotional support, that doesn’t stop no matter how old you are. So part of this, part of having a case manager and having an agency with all the support is that they always have someone they can call for help, it’s somebody that can give them real life experience that can help them problem solve, so when that times come they are more capable of doing it on their own,” Angela J. Leathers, program supervisor, said. “Youth who don’t have this kind of support have higher incidences of ending up in prison, in jail and not being productive members of our community, and that’s not what anybody wants. What we want is for our youth to be successful by allowing and supporting job finding and education — that way youth are able to give back for themselves and for the community at large, so it really is a cost savings in the long term.”
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