Monday, June 28, 2010

Salsa Dance Fundraising

Here is some photos of last weeks fundraising efforts. Thanks to everyone for their support. If you have not voted please do so at 
Dancing with Our Community Stars Dance Contest & Charity Fundraiser

Jammy and Jason of JN Designs of Oxnard show their support.

Here is a picture of Ethel and Anna, at the Long Beach Cafe.

On right, Young Yoon, of Yen Sushi and Sake Bar in Long Beach, shows her support.

Long Beach Cafe owner; Nick Stanitsas takes a minute to show support along with my good friend, Ethel Daniels of Long Beach.

The crew at Fatburger in Ventura show their support.

Jeanne Benitez, my good friend and Development Director at Food Share, Inc. of Ventura County. It was Jeanne and CEO Bonnie Weigel that connected me with the Salsa Dance opportunity. Big thank you to Food Share.

Louis, Craig and Fred at Dunn-Edwards Paint in Oxnard.

Sharyn, Kathy and Zoila good firiends at my favorite place to eat in Long Beach; The Long Beach Cafe. The team at the Long Beach Cafe has been very supportive during the campaign.

Rebecca, Haley and Toni of Salon Elite in Ventura have been incredible in supporting Aspiranet and especially the Salsa Dance campaign.

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