Wednesday, June 23, 2010

View Our New Video Featuring Foster & Adoptive Parents

Everyday people stepping up to make a difference in the world - that's what Aspiranet's "Heroes" message is all about.

Everyday at Aspiranet we hear heartwarming stories about love and connection, support and community from our families.  Aspiranet is there 24/7 to provide strength and knowledge to the parents who provide loving homes to children who need it.

We are looking for loving families to care for these children, youth and teens. The need is great for foster and adoptive families who can give guidance, care and nurture to them - someone to help these special kids see their inner hero --- someone like Krista.

Krista and her husband knew there were many children in our communities that needed a loving home.  Krista felt that she and her family could provide that. They have fostered many local children, and enjoy helping to bring out their inner heroes.  Krista met Henry over a year ago.  Henry had lived in 7 or 8 different homes and had feelings of not belonging. However, Krista and her family found that Henry was a budding drummer and piano player and have brought out the inner hero of Henry as he has grown to feel that he is talented and worthy of love.

Krista says that Aspiranet's 24/7 support has been instrumental in helping her to work with each of the children that have come into their care. She says that they "couldn't have done it" without Aspiranet's support! We couldn't have done it without you Krista!  Help us bring out the inner hero in a child by becoming a foster or adoptive parent!

Thank you.
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