Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aspiranet celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption Day is on November 21

November is National Adoption Month. On November 21, National Adoption Awareness Day, local communities will celebrate as thousands of foster children are adopted into families.

“There is no greater aspiration in life than to help children in need and together we can raise hope and empower communities,” said Art Chaparro, Director of Development for Aspiranet. “Every day children face family crisis. Hard as it is to imagine, children are often neglected, abused, abandoned, have special needs or disabilities. Children over the age of nine, teenagers, youths with special needs, and siblings especially need loving homes.”

For 30 years, Aspiranet, one of the largest foster adoption agencies in California, has been working to ensure that children are placed in permanent loving homes.

Older children, teenagers, youth with special needs, and siblings are especially in need of loving families to care for them. Will you help them?

To learn more about Adoption Awareness Month, find an event in your area, and read inspirational stories about Aspiranet adoptive parents, please visit www.aspiranet.org/awareness.

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