Monday, November 23, 2009

Foster Parents: Make Holiday Preparations

So you’ve planned the meals, bought the gifts, decorated the house, sent cards… What else is missing? Don’t forget to talk to your social worker about your holiday plans.

• Do you need help providing gifts?

• Will you need respite?

• Are you going out of town to visit family, and do you plan to take the kids?

• Do you have any house guests arriving from out of town, and if so, have you discussed this with your Social Worker?

• How about the relatives? It might be a good idea to tell them about the children you are caring for and discuss any gift exchange expectations in advance.

• If the child wants to, and there is still a connection with the birth family, would it be appropriate to have a visit or send a card or gift?

•Will you be attending religious services? How does the child feel about that? Open discussion about their beliefs is permissible, but they should not be forced to attend if they are not comfortable with attending.

• Are all of you prepared to handle the long break from school? There are many fun and thrifty activities that can rescue any family from cabin fever. (Some of those ideas are included in this issue of the newsletter)

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