Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A message from our CEO

Dear Foster Parents,

As you are aware the State of California like the rest of the country has experienced an economic downturn unlike anything seen in decades. The California State Budget has been greatly impacted by the current economy. No doubt you have watched, as I, in dismay the debate between the State Legislature and the Governor on how “cuts” will be made to vital programs that support some of our most needy citizens. These are difficult times and difficult decisions have been made.

Unfortunately even care for foster children was not “spared” from the “chopping block”. Many of you participated in making our state leaders aware of how the children should not be “forgotten” in the debate. I want to personally thank you for your efforts.

As you may have heard, the State Legislature and the Governor agreed to “cut” foster care rates by 10% effective October 1, 2009. The loss of revenue to Aspiranet due to these cuts is nearly $1.8 million dollars over the next ten months.

For nearly thirty five years Aspiranet has provided care for children in foster homes. You are all part of a proud tradition of service to children. I am proud to declare to you that we will not reduce your foster care payments in the face of these historic cuts. Our support of your efforts is unwavering!

The staffs that support you have made a commitment to reduce spending, to reorganize the way we do our work and sadly say goodbye to some of their colleagues due to layoffs. I wish to acknowledge their steadfast support of you and your work.

Aspiranet has always met its financial obligations to its foster parents. Our focus is to not lose sight of our commitment to the future of children. I would ask you to direct any questions or concerns that you have to your District Director.

We will not stop our advocacy on behalf of children. Your voice as foster parents needs to continue to be heard. Efforts to restore our funding will not be an easy battle. As always, I will make myself available to foster parents to listen to your concerns. The Headquarters Phone number is 650.866.4080.

With gratitude for your commitment to children my best regards.

Vernon Brown, CEO

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